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Why New World Academy

New World Academy provides a stimulating and secure homelike environment for children ages 0 to 12 years. Our program provides experiences that address the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs of young children. Our programs are play-based: we believe that children learn by doing.We use the High/Scope curriculum approach, which emphasizes active learning. Teachers support children’s interests and plan the curriculum around their development by providing a variety of interesting materials and giving children time to explore these at their own pace.

Our Staff

The teachers at New World Academy are committed to our mission. They are the ones guiding
students, and our world towards a better future while teaching our students how to think
innovatively and creatively. Our students are at the center of the learning process and our goal is
to foster an environment that will provide them with a fulfilling learning experience.

Our Philosophy

Young children learn by doing. They acquire knowledge about their world through playful interaction with objects and people and are motivated to learn by their own desire to make sense of their world. We are committed to providing a developmentally appropriate program with the help of trained teachers, a variety of materials and equipment, and a small adult-to-child ratio. We engage children in an environment that is child-initiated, child-directed, and teacher supported.

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Our Rooms & Classes

We provide the children in our care with a safe, relaxed environment that encourages them to explore and experiment with their world in creative and expressive ways. We are partners with their parents and share with them the development of their child(ren). Our common goal is the nurturing of healthy, well-adjusted children who possess positive self-esteem, curiosity, and eagerness to learn.

Our program gives our students both the academic and the socio-emotional skills they will need to thrive and fulfill their unique potential. While it is quite apparent that schools today must do more to engage student’s desire to learn, it is also alarming that many schools struggle to align their vision, mission, core values, and educational practices with this idea. Our goal is to have oneness in all areas of learning. At New World academy, we have great clarity about the ways we engage children’s multiple intelligences and inspire their motivation to learn. Our teachers are skilled collaborators that support and guide children. At New World Academy, we don’t view children as empty vessels that we fill with information, but as learners.

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